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We Are Dedicated to Raising Happy Pups

Welcome to our Shih Tzu fun house! This is the place to come to see our puppies and the wonderful things we are doing to prepare our litters for the real world. 

About Us

Breeding With Love, Raising With Care

Welcome to our Shih Tzu fun house! This is the place to come to see our puppies and the wonderful things we are doing to prepare our litters for the real world. Here we document the socialization activities that expose them to the routines of Shih Tzu life and the unexpected experiences that help them be brave, and resilient and have a quick recovery from the not-so-routine happenings in the world of a small dog.
We keep our puppies until they are 12 weeks old because small dogs need their mothers and the socialization of their littermates. It makes for calmer, less anxious grown dogs if left with their litters for the full 12 weeks to learn the social skills that they learn from being in their pack. As an example, I teach the puppies to come to me by calling their mommas, clapping my hands low to the ground, at puppy height, and calling “puppy puppy puppy”. The mommas run right into my hands for their scratching and loving, and the puppies see this and they want in on the action too. read more

Our Services

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Our breeding program follows strict standards to ensure that our puppies are not only adorable but also happy, healthy, and confident.

Gut-Healthy Pups

Raw fed from birth to prevent allergies and to promote good gut health from the start.

Smart Start Pups

We practice ENS for the first 2 weeks of their life to promote higher intelligence and healthy immune system recovery.

Confident Companions

We follow Puppy Culture Socialization Protocols, exposing them to activities inside and outside the home that help them be brave, resilient, and quick to recover from new experiences.

Puppy To Your Doorstep

Personal delivery by myself to anywhere in the continental US. The actual cost of the delivery will depend on plane tickets or mileage is driven and is in addition to the price of the puppy.

Services Menu

Designed to Meet All Your Puppy’s Needs

Welcome to our Shih Tzu breeding services menu. We offer a range of comprehensive services designed to meet all your puppy’s needs.

Service Price Duration Category
Confident Companions 120.00 0:45 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding
Gut-Healthy Pups 90.00 1:0 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding
Smart Start Pups 100.00 1:30 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding
Puppy To Your Doorstep 300.00 1:45 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding
Raw Feeding 100.00 1:30 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding
Shih Tzu Puppies 500.00 2:30 Shih Tzu Dog Breeding

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